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Fall Hunting Seasons Begin with New Changes

posted on 8/30/23

Fall Hunting Seasons Begin with New Changes

Jamie Stargell, Adams County Recorder


Adams County Residents are urged to pick up a copy of the Iowa Hunting Trapping & Migratory Game Bird Regulations at the Adams County Recorder’s Office. “Many changes have occurred that hunters need to be aware of,” said Recorder Stargell.

One of the biggest changes that passed in Iowa Legislature was a law allowing landowners or tenants to dispatch racoons causing damage to their agriculture property. They may shoot or trap racoons, skunks, groundhogs and opossum using cage or dog-proof traps.  

The Iowa DNR approved rules to allow for year-round hunting and trapping of raccoons on private land only. Raccoon season is now continuously open, but outside of the regular furharvester season only firearms, cage traps or dog-proof traps are legal methods of take. 

Additionally, the regular furharvest season has been extended a month and closes on February 28th.  “As a reminder, coyotes can be hunted on a furharvester or hunting license.” said Recorder Stargell. 

Deer season is currently open, and antlerless tags are going quickly. Quotas are available online. The Excess Tag January Antlerless Only Season is once again available in all counties, so long as they have unsold antlerless tags in their county on January 10th. If available, those tags go on sale January 11th.

Deer season also brings about change to harvest reporting. Hunters will now be required to measure the main beam length of bucks. Hunters will only report if the main beam is greater or less than 14 inches. The reason behind this change is to determine the average age of bucks in our Iowa deer herd. 

Recorder Stargell also reminds hunters to register for HIP. “We used to be able to do this for our customers, but the DNR now requires hunters to utilize the Go Outdoors Iowa app or go through the link at”  You must register for HIP even if you only hunt doves in Iowa. Once you register for HIP, you will be given a confirmation number that needs to be kept with your license.  Youth hunters who are not required to have a hunting license are not required to register for HIP.

The new Armed Forces Hunting and Fishing licenses are now available to residents of Iowa who served in the armed forces of the United States on federal active duty and are 16 to 65 years of age. The new annual fishing license, or hunting and fishing combo license, is $7.00. In addition to this new license, veteran’s that are hunting must purchase a habitat fee for $15 if they are under 65 years old.

To qualify, veterans will need to submit a one-time application for the Iowa Hunting/Fishing License for Resident Armed Forces Veteran along with a copy of their DD214. The application is available online at under Residents Only Applications. Your county recorder will be happy to assist you in printing the application. 

Upon approval, the applicant’s account will be updated to reflect their status. They may then purchase the new license anywhere Iowa hunting and fishing licenses are sold. Qualifying veterans who have already purchased a hunting or fishing license for 2023 may submit the application, and then purchase the veterans license once their current license expires. 

Hunters are encouraged to visit or utilize the Go Outdoors Iowa app for the most current regulations. The Iowa County Recorders Association wishes you a safe and successful hunting and trapping season.