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The County Sheriff’s office is dedicated to the Safety and Welfare of the Adams County and its residents.

The Adams County Sheriffs office is dedicated to helping our youth. Members of the Sheriffs Office donate their time to help with youth groups, camps, school activities and local churches. We know that our youth is our future and by doing what we can now will help our youth grow up on the right track. 

The Adams County Sheriffs Office has also joined with The State of Iowa and the Green Hills Area Education Agency in its protection of our youth. Safe or Substance Abuse Free Environments is one of those programs.

The Adams County Sheriffs Office serves as the only Law Enforcement for Adams County. There are no city or township police agencies. 

Sheriff Sales

There are currently no pending sheriff sales.


Deputies: Ryan Carlson, Dalton Green, Matt Mullen, Clay Ramsey, Matt Staiert

Dispatchers: Becky Mann, Breana Thibodeaux, Amy Detlaff, Cheyenne Means