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The intention of this article is to remind the reader that counties are charged with a right and a duty to remove obstacles identified as obstructions from within road Right of Way (ROW) under Iowa Code Chapter 318 Sections 4&5.  Furthermore, alterations and other changes may not be made within the county ROW without a permit as stated in Chapter 318 Section 8 of Iowa Code.  Permits are located here or they are available at the County Engineer’s office located at 2004 200th Street Corning, Iowa 50841. Permits obtained from either location are free of charge.

 It has been longstanding county policy to prohibit the construction of vertical headwalls, any fencing, etc. within the ROW.  It has also been longstanding county policy to prohibit the storage of equipment, feed, materials, etc. within the ROW.  These policies are in accordance with Chapter 318 Section 3 of Iowa Code.

Mailboxes located within the ROW are to be constructed to accepted standards. Mailboxes are to be supported on a wooden post comprised of a pine or fir species with nominal dimensions of 4 inch by 4 inch or less. Thin walled steel pipe 2 to 2 ½ inches in diameter, or an approved channel post may also be used.

Please be advised as Adams County is making efforts to clean and restore the ROW.  Removal of obstructions in advance by county citizens is appreciated. Obstacles which are not removed in advance of ROW restoration may be removed by county forces. Should county forces be utilized to remove obstructions from the ROW the land owner will be invoiced for costs incurred for the removal.  As obstructions are discovered they may be removed with or without notice because they represent a clear hazard to the traveling public.