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Board Minutes – September 13, 2021

The Adams County Board of Supervisors met on Monday, September 13, 2021 at 9:00 am with the following members present: Bobbi Maynes, Leland Shipley, Doug Birt, Merlin Dixon, and Scott Akin. The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Maynes and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Dixon moved, seconded by Shipley to approve today’s agenda along with the minutes from September 7, 2021.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

During Public Comments Jamie Stargell introduced Raelynne Risser as the newly hired Corning Main Street Director.

David Frank with Arca Search gave a presentation on the scanning and searchable features of Arca Search which would allow the public to be able to research old Board of Supervisor’s minutes and Adams County land records on-line.

Birt moved, seconded by Shipley to approve the claims as presented.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Access LeasingMaintenance Agree            134.721
Adams Co AmbCont        4,166.661
Free PressLegal            349.031
Adamson,SarahEmployee Mile & Subs.              50.001
Adamson,SarahPhone & Fax Service              35.001
AgriVisionREPAIR        1,076.391
Ahlers & Cooney, P.C.Admin Costs        1,250.001
AkinRepair            236.741
AkinREPAIR        1,361.951
Ally’s Print ShopOther              63.661
Anderson,TannerReg fees/Meet/Sc              40.001
Anderson,TannerPhone & Fax Service              35.001
Arnold Supplyrepair            295.941
Arrick,LorieOther Lab rel servi        1,535.002
Astro BuildingsBuildings      37,829.802
AT&TPhone & Fax Service              41.271
Bissell,BeckyReimb            132.502
Rick BissellServ              15.001
Bolton & MenkOUTSIDE ENGINEER        5,552.001
Bruce,JohnExtra patrol services            225.001
Calhoun-Burnsoutside engineer        1,840.601
Dale CarmichaelServ              15.001
Central IA Ready Mixrepair        1,323.001
CHI HealthDues & Memberships        3,300.001
Cintassafety              50.701
City of Corningreimb/cont        4,768.501
CNH Industrial Capitalrepair            935.561
Cont Fire SprinklerServ            230.001
Cooper,LauraOther Sup/Equip              75.001
Cornhusker Intnlrepair        1,041.111
Corning MunUtil              32.781
Corning LibraryCont        6,998.251
Corning TireRepair            957.151
DCI GroupEngineering Services      12,912.191
Dencorepair      99,889.081
Dollar GeneralSup              64.301
Don’s UniformsSup            182.881
Electrical EngineeringGeneral Repairs        2,559.671
Fastenal Cosup        1,144.711
Feeders Grainsup        1,378.871
First Wireless Inc.Safety & Protect.Sup            580.171
FMTCphone            148.121
FMTCPhone & Fax Service            669.021
Frank’s BodyRepair            440.591
Garden & Assocoutside engineer            388.321
Geer SantitationUtil              90.001
Geer SantitationUtilities              75.001
Carl GoodsonReimb            188.501
GovCo      56,101.001
Hotsy Cleaningrepair            363.501
Husker Steelsup      23,400.001
IACCVSOOther            120.001
IMWCAIns        4,764.002
InfomaxRental            113.031
InfomaxEquip        6,149.503
IA Land RecordsReg fees/Meet/Sc              50.001
IA Sec of StateVoter Reg            505.231
ISAAEdu            650.002
ISACDues            210.001
ISCTAReg              50.001
Jackson RepairGen Repairs            139.001
James,EmilyOth Lab related servi              90.001
Karl ChevroletOther Sup/Equip            708.301
Kuhm,JimmieWell Plugging            800.001
Lands’ EndSup            212.661
Mail ServServ            145.121
Malone,Travisreimb            103.001
McCarty,Karlreimb              30.001
Metal Culvertsmaterials        6,317.801
MidAmericanutilities              25.321
Midwest Perform Patchsup            369.581
Midwest Wheelsup              11.881
Miller,PatOth Lab related servi            300.001
Motorola Inc.Maintenance Agree      32,553.001
MTE Office Centercopy & Dup. Serv.        1,020.001
Benjamin MullenReimb              95.401
Mullen, TonyTownship Trustee Fee              15.001
Nishna Valley Bldersserv.      34,941.681
Office MachSup            313.252
Page Co. SheriffLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.              68.081
Pattison Sand Corock        3,986.211
Paul,TravisReimb              60.001
Pearson FuneralServ        1,250.001
Pitney BowesPostage            153.661
Polk Co. SheriffLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.              37.841
Polk Co TreasLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.            381.542
Poor Boyz LLCSanitation Disp            593.751
Pott Co. SheriffLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.              89.001
Power Planrepair              60.151
Prescott LibraryCont        1,161.501
Ramsey’s MarketCustodial Sup              55.961
Ramsey’s MarketHardware              43.071
Red Starsupplies            347.101
Rick’s AutoRepair            653.272
RJs PlumbingRepair            152.581
Roberts,MichelleSchool or mtg exp              72.201
Robinson ImplementParts              17.521
Robinson ImplementREPAIR            708.261
Schafer, HollyEmployee Mile & Subs.              95.001
Schildbergrock      24,743.361
SEATReg fees/Meet/Sc            100.002
Secure ShredServ              48.001
Sellegren Fun HomeMedical /Health Serv.            900.001
Shires, JenOther Sup/Equip              22.501
SIRWAutilities              89.001
SIRWAUtil            187.501
Solutions IncMaint            518.403
Taylor Co SheriffServ              31.001
Taylor Co. Pub HealthContrib.-Oth Gov.&Org      29,993.501
TEK Buildersrepair      38,819.551
U.S. Bank EquipMaint Agreements            110.481
United Farmer Coopfuel      18,613.351
United Farmer CoopFuel, Tires, & Lub            120.991
United Farmer CoopParts            275.001
USPSPostage            130.001
Verizon Wirelesscomputer              68.561
Villisca LibraryContrib.-Oth Gov.&Org            573.501
Vogel & Thomas Hardsup            171.741
Vogel & Thomas HardOth Sup/Equip              97.101
Vogel & Thomas HardPlumbing Sup              67.921
WatchGuardSafety & Protect.Sup              18.001
Williams,Tomreimb              30.001
Williams,ChadPhone & Fax Service              60.001
Kevin WynnServ              20.001
Grand Total    493,168.12 

County Engineer Travis Malone gave an update on his department. Carl 3 bridge is open and is now rated legal for some heavy loads. Lincoln 16 is next in line for repair and once all the supplies are delivered it will be closed for replacement work. Secondary Roads has been very busy hauling rock and rocking shoulders. After shouldering, the roads crew will be working with the paint stripper machine.

Dixon moved, seconded by Akin to approve the 28E Agreement with the City of Prescott to jointly undertake reconstruction of the Prescott Second Street Bridge BRS-SWAP-6232(601)-SE-02.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Birt moved, seconded by Akin to approve the 28E Agreement with the Iowa DNR and Adams County regarding private well permitting. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Akin moved, seconded by Birt to approve the burial request form. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

The board had to table discussion on bonding for the courthouse renovations due to the attorney being gone last week.

Department Head Reports:  IT- Tom is researching switching the emails from the .com to .gov and having a new company host the emails.  Recorder – Seeing more deer licenses for the fall.  Sheriff – Still waiting on vehicle bids. Getting the dispatchers positions filled. Treasurer – Placed ad in paper for hiring clerk position. Conservation – Starting to pour concrete at the new shop. Campgrounds were only half full this past week. The water and restrooms will be shut down in October. There are a lot of Ash trees around the grounds that are dead and will need to be removed. Hosting the JV and Varsity Cross Country meet this Thursday and will be hosting the district meet as well.

Committee and Meeting reports were presented as follows:  Maynes – IDHS, Sept. 9, via Zoom; Birt – SICOG, Sept. 7, Creston, Conservation, Sept. 9, Corning.

Akin moved, seconded by Shipley to adjourn the meeting at 11:00 am.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

ATTEST: Bobbi Maynes, Chairperson, Adams County Board of Supervisors

               Rebecca Bissell, Adams County Auditor