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Board Minutes – October 25, 2021

The Adams County Board of Supervisors met on Monday, October 25, 2021 at 9:00 am with the following members present: Bobbi Maynes, Leland Shipley, Doug Birt, Scott Akin, and Merlin Dixon. The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Maynes and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Akin moved, seconded by Birt to approve today’s agenda along with the minutes from October 18, 2021.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Engineer Travis Malone discussed the HMA project let date has been moved by the DOT from January to March. Utility work by the City on Hull Street is being completed ahead of the bridge replacement beginning.

Shipley moved, seconded by Birt to approve the Agreement with CHI Health for Discounted Fee Arrangement for Inmates paid by Adams County, Iowa. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Akin moved, seconded by Shipley to approve Resolution 2021-24 regarding the confidentiality of public records related to the election infrastructure of Adams County.

Resolution #2021-24

Resolution regarding the confidentiality of public records related to the election

infrastructure of Adams County

 WHEREAS, on 6 January 2017, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designated election infrastructure as a subsector of the existing Government Facilities critical infrastructure sector; and

 WHEREAS, the designation by DHS makes it easier for the federal government to have full and frank discussions with key stakeholders regarding sensitive vulnerability information; and

 WHEREAS, under Iowa law, sensitive vulnerability information is subject to examination by the public unless it is classified as a confidential public record per Code of Iowa, Chapter 22, subsection 7; and

 WHEREAS, Code of Iowa, Chapter 22, subsection 7, paragraph 50 identifies confidential public records as: Information concerning security procedures or emergency preparedness information developed and maintained by a government body for the protection of governmental employees, visitors to the government body, persons in the care, custody, or under the control of the government body, or property under the jurisdiction of the government body, if disclosure could reasonably be expected to jeopardize such employees, visitors, persons, or property.

a. Such information includes but is not limited  to information directly  related to vulnerability assessments; information contained in records relating to security measures such as security and response plans, security codes and combinations, passwords, restricted area passes, keys, and security or response procedures; emergency response protocols; and information contained in records that if disclosed would significantly increase the vulnerability of critical physical systems or infrastructures of a government body to attack.

b. This subsection shall only apply to information held by a government body that has adopted a rule or policy identifying the specific records or class of records to which this subsection applies and which is contained in such a record; and

 WHEREAS, Iowa Administrative Rule 721-22.50(52) requires each county to maintain a written security policy which shall include detailed plans to protect election equipment and data from unauthorized access as well as describe methods to be used to preserve the integrity of the election and document the election process.

WHEREAS, the nature of the information contained in the required written security policy qualifies it as a confidential record as identified by Iowa Code 22.7(50) as outlined above.

WHEREAS, threats to election infrastructure through breaches of cybersecurity may be initiated by any number of sources including, but not limited to hackers, disgruntled current or former employees, criminal enterprises, terrorists, and foreign governments; and

WHEREAS, the threat of cyber-attacks against election infrastructure cannot be eliminated, but actions can be taken to reduce the likelihood of successful attacks, to mitigate the harmful consequences of an attack, and to improve the County’s ability to improve election infrastructure protection and restoration from future attacks, and thus enhance the resiliency of election infrastructure; and

 WHEREAS, while the Adams County Auditor’s Election Office advocates for 100% transparency in local government, the Auditor’s Election Office recognizes that releasing public records related to vulnerabilities of election infrastructure would be irresponsible and detrimental to the voters and may allow bad actors to affect the integrity of elections administered by the County; and

 NOW, THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED, that the Adams County Board of Supervisors, a government body defined in Code of Iowa Chapter 22, section 1, paragraph 1, hereby designates as a matter of public policy that any public records related to Adams County’s Voting Systems Security policy and the protection, security measures, response plans, emergency preparedness, security codes/combinations/passwords, restricted physical area passes, keys, audio/video systems, emergency response protocols, vulnerabilities, and any information contained in records that if disclosed would significantly increase the vulnerability of the election infrastructure shall remain confidential public records. 

FUTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that this resolution is effective upon the date of approval by the Adams County Board of Supervisors.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried. Passed this 25th day of October.  The full resolution is available in the Auditor’s Office.

Birt moved, seconded by Shipley to approve setting the City/School Election Canvass date and time to November 9, 2021 at 10:00 am.

Birt moved, seconded by Akin to approve the claims as follows. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Access LeasingMaint Agree            134.721
ACEDCContrib.-Oth Gov.&Org      25,000.001
AirgasSup              93.001
Alliant EnergyUtilities              41.731
Anderson,LarkinAcct.-Audit.-Cler.Serv.      15,000.001
Arrick,LorieOth Lab rel servi            610.001
Bissell,BeckyReimb              23.001
Brown Partsrepair              27.921
Capital SanitarySup              35.251
Cintassafety              73.341
CJ Cooper & AssocSafety              70.001
Coast to CoastSup            299.991
Corning HotelContrib.-Oth Gov.&Org        3,592.191
Corning Munutilities              62.191
Corning MunUtil        3,016.013
Corning Plumb/HeatSup            106.321
Des Moines StampSup              22.001
Dollar GeneralSup              39.501
Dugger,JeffWell Plugging            480.401
Fastenal Cosup            227.421
Frank’s BodyRepair        9,961.961
FrontierPhone              74.891
Geer SantitationUtil              90.001
Geer SantitationUtilities              75.001
Heartland BusinessData Processing Exp            951.301
HyVeeSup            406.672
IA DOTsupplies        2,049.481
ICPAIns        2,360.002
James,EmilyOther Lab rel serv            360.001
Johnston CommPhone & Fax Serv            180.001
Jones MechanicalRepairs        3,674.021
Karl ChevroletMotor Vehicle      22,768.501
Lawson Productsrepair              15.401
Lundquist ACRepairs            241.581
MidAmericanutilities                 7.331
Benjamin MullenReimb            886.041
Nichols Equiprepair        7,170.841
Nishna ProductionsServ            343.801
NyhartAcct.-Audit.-Cler.Serv.            900.001
Office MachSup            521.144
Pott Co. SheriffLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.              35.001
Power Planrepair            531.821
PrimroseFood & Provisions        5,280.001
Provost,KevinOther            120.641
Rhamy,TomOth Lab rel servi            500.001
RJs PlumbingRepair              78.671
Roberts,MichelleSchool or mtg exp              94.651
Roberts,DuncanEmployee Mile & Subs.            103.001
SAM,LLCServ              70.001
Schildbergrock      29,216.111
SEATReg fees/Meet/Sc            200.002
SIRWAUtil            168.001
SW IA RECutili            296.701
SW IA RECUtil        5,012.352
State Hygienic LabWell Testing              31.001
Storey KenworthySup            135.662
Swartz,DeniseOth Lab rel servi            400.001
Treasurer, IAOth Svcs – taxes collec      13,277.001
U.S. BankComputer Prog. & Updat            260.001
U.S. BankCustodial Supplies            198.641
U.S. BankFood & Provisions            186.381
U.S. BankFuel, Tires, & Lub            228.851
U.S. BankMotor Veh.Equip & Rep            983.981
U.S. BankOffice Sup/Exp            293.231
U.S. BankOther              70.381
U.S. BankSchool or mtg exp              73.371
U.S. BankSup        1,415.601
U.S. BankPhone & Fax Service            246.641
United Farmer Coopfuel        8,245.181
United Farmer CoopFuel, Tires, & Lub        3,929.741
United Farmer CoopFuels        2,456.001
VanguardAppraisal Services      31,366.801
Verizon WirelessMainten Agree            360.511
Vogel Trafficrepair            137.341
Warren Co SheriffServ              22.001
ZieglerREPAIR        3,029.271
Grand Total     211,047.44 

Department Head Reports:  IT – Tom attended an IT conference last week which was very good and learned a lot about ransomware.  Auditor – City/School Election preparations and in-person absentee voting is still going on, getting everything ready for November 2nd Election Day. Maintenance – Boiler has been inspected and is ready to fire up. Recorder – IDPH is getting a new system rolled out soon, but otherwise business as usual. Conservation – Crews are working shutting off water, pulling buoys and docks. Hosted a District Cross Country meet which was very successful and Travis received many compliments on the park. Still working on moving everything to the new shop. Jeff Fulton has been hired to fill the new Maintenance Position.

Committee and Meeting reports were presented as follows:  Maynes – IDPH, Oct. 20, via Zoom; Akin – ACEDC, Oct 21, Corning; Southern Hills Mental Health, Oct 22, Corning; Shipley – Main St, Oct 18, Corning; Loss Control, Oct 20, Corning; and Dixon – WIOA, Oct 19, Creston.

Akin moved, seconded by Dixon to adjourn the meeting at 10:15 am.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

ATTEST: Bobbi Maynes, Chairperson, Adams County Board of Supervisors

     Rebecca Bissell, Adams County Auditor