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Board Minutes – October 11, 2021

The Adams County Board of Supervisors met on Monday, October 11, 2021 at 9:00 am with the following members present: Bobbi Maynes, Leland Shipley, Doug Birt, Scott Akin, and Merlin Dixon. The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Maynes and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Akin moved, seconded by Shipley to approve today’s agenda along with the minutes from October 4, 2021.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Engineer Travis Malone emailed the board members the proposed State of Iowa State-Aid Grade Crossing Surface Repair Fund Force Account Agreement with BNSF Railway Company last week for their review. At the meeting he asked for the board’s input before he executes the agreement. The at grade railroad crossing is located on Birch Ave by Nodaway. The cost of the repair is split between the County, RR, and Iowa DOT 20%, 20%, and 60% respectively.  Travis will sign the agreement.  The next bridge to be replaced on the 5-year plan is Quincy 8, it is a truss bridge located north of US Hwy 34 on Ginko Avenue.  He has received quotes from JEO, CBA, and HGM for the production of replacement plans. JEO’s quote was the lowest costs quote submitted. The project is to be let in November of 2022 with construction planned for the 2023 construction season.  The paint stripping machine has been calibrated and is ready to go.  Govco Construcition closed 150th Street last week and has begun repairs on bridge Lincoln 16.  The City of Corning is working on utilities in the Hull Street bridge area.  The contractor cannot start on the Hull Street Bridge replacement project until November 15th.

Department Head Reports:  Sheriff – No report, vehicle build has been put on hold until November.  IT – No report. EMA- No report.  Auditor – Working on the upcoming City/School election.

Dixon moved, seconded by Shipley to accept the proposal from COTT services for archival services for a cost of $30,320 and $150/month to be paid from ARPA funds.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried. 

Recorder Stargell presented the quarterly report of the Recorder’s Office.  She reported that she has received a total of 16 UTV permits so far.  Birt moved, seconded by Akin to approve the Recorder’s Quarterly report.

Treasurer Schafer presented the Quarterly Investment Report.  Birt moved, seconded by Shipley to approve the Treasurer’s Quarterly Investment Report.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Birt moved, seconded by Akin to approve the claims as presented.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Adams Co AmbCont     4,166.661
Free PressLegal         798.873
Free PressLegal Publications           81.601
Adamson,SarahContrib.-Other Gov.&Org           88.441
Adamson,SarahEmployee Mile & Subs.           50.001
Adamson,SarahPhone & Fax Service           35.001
Agriland Fs. Inc.Buildings     1,464.081
Agriland Fs. Inc.Gas and Fuel Oil         456.711
Ahlers & Cooney, P.C.Admin Costs     1,351.921
AkinRepair     2,748.771
AkinREPAIR         172.941
Anderson,TannerPhone & Fax Service           35.001
Arnold Supplyrepair         258.911
Axon Enterprise, INCSafety & Protect.Sup           72.101
B&S ConcreteBuildings   23,029.251
William BirtServ           15.001
Brandt,BryTownship Clerk Fee           20.001
Buchanan Co. SheriffLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.           40.001
Cab Freshrepair           66.051
Calhoun-Burnsoutside engineering     2,846.141
Capital SanitarySup         964.402
Carmichael, AudreyTownship Trustee Fee           15.001
Cintassafety           41.811
Blake CooperServ           15.001
Cooper,LauraOther Lab rel servi         120.001
Cornhusker Intnlrepair         110.131
Corning MunUtil         290.091
Corning Tirerepair         190.001
Corning TireRepair           77.741
Creston Publishinglegal publications         137.601
Dollar Generalsup           33.051
Fastenal Cosup         407.771
Feeders Grainsup         152.861
FMTCphone         148.141
FMTCPhone & Fax Service         633.321
Frank’s BodyRepair     1,907.822
FrontierPhone         399.051
Good SourceSup         192.301
Carl GoodsonReimb         216.251
Hawkeye TruckSup     7,045.001
Heartland BusinessEquip. New And Rental     5,077.771
Hogan,JamieServ           15.001
Holiday InnSchool or mtg exp         244.161
IA Law AcademyEdu         375.001
ICEAtraining         650.001
IMWCAIns     4,764.002
InfomaxRental         106.671
InfomaxEquip           34.501
James,EmilyOther Lab rel servi           60.001
Jericodust control     1,296.001
Kaufman,LuAnnTownship Clerk Fee           20.001
MATURAAdmin   15,000.001
Maynes, ArnoldTownship Trustee Fee           15.001
Maynes,BobbiEmployee Mile & Subs.         210.001
Maynes,BobbiMeeting Expenses         208.201
McCarty,Karlreimb           30.001
MidAmericanutilities           19.401
Midwest Perform Patchsup     1,363.001
MTE Office CenterOffice Supplies/Exp           22.471
NAPArepair           13.981
O’Reilly Automotiverepair           45.431
Office MachSup     3,508.834
Olive,DougTownship Trustee Fee           15.001
Paul,TravisReimb           60.001
Polk Co TreasMed And Health Serv.         184.771
Poor Boyz LLCSanitation Disposal         593.751
PrimroseFood & Provisions     6,834.001
Ramsey’s MarketCustodial Supplies         164.861
Rick’s AutoRepair           27.982
Robinson ImplementREPAIR         383.491
Robinson,JaredTownship Trustee Fee           15.001
Schafer Weldingrepair           35.201
SEATSchool or mtg exp           10.001
Shepherd RepairServ         125.001
SIRWAutilities           89.001
Solutions IncMaint         106.951
Kurt StoaksServ           15.001
Storey KenworthySup         103.001
Templeton, JayneTownship Clerk Fee           20.001
Treasurer, IALegal & Ct-Related Serv.     1,427.001
U.S. Bank EquipMaintenance Agree         100.561
United Farmer CoopFuel, Tires, & Lub         107.631
Verizon Connectradios         939.021
Verizon Wirelesscomputer           68.561
Vogel & Thomas Hardsup           59.441
Vogel & Thomas HardChemicals & Gas-Herb.         274.751
Vogel & Thomas HardElectrical Supp.& Parts           18.971
Vogel & Thomas HardGeneral Repairs           19.961
Vogel & Thomas HardPaint & Paint Supplies           31.431
Watson & Ryan PLCLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.     1,895.831
Kathy WestTownship Trustee Fee           15.001
Williams,ChadPhone & Fax Service           60.001
Ivan WolfServ           20.001
Grand Total    97,795.33 

Beth Waddle presented an update on Pinecreek Meadows.  The City of Corning were asked to provide certain incentives to help with the project.  The City returned with a counter proposal and the Mayor and several Council members were in attendance to speak to that issue.  After discussion with all of the parties involved, the Board requested to see a cost analysis between the ask and the counter offer along with any other information that may be deemed helpful to the discussion of moving the project forward.

Birt moved, seconded by Akin to open the Public Hearing at 10:00 AM for the FY 22 Budget Amendment.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.  There were no written or oral objections from the public.  Birt moved, seconded by Akin to close the Public Hearing at 10:05 AM.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.  The hearing was closed.

Shipley moved, seconded by Dixon to adopt Resolution #2021-23 Record of Hearing and Determination on the Budget Amendment and Change of Appropriations for FY 22.  Voting Aye: Maynes, Dixon, Shipley, Birt and Akin.  Voting Nay:  None.  Motion carried.  The above resolution is adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Adams County, Iowa.  The original resolution is located in the Auditor’s Office.    

Committee and Meeting reports were presented as follows:  Maynes – RDC, Oct. 27, Creston; Birt – SICOG, Oct. 5, Creston, Conservation, Oct. 7, Corning.

Chair Maynes recessed the meeting at 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM when the board will reconvene.

Chair Maynes reconvened the meeting at 2:00 PM.  DCI and OPN updated the board on their work regarding improvements to the courthouse facility. They should have their final study complete in the next couple weeks for the board to review.

Shipley moved, seconded by Akin to adjourn the meeting at 3:35 PM.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

ATTEST: Bobbi Maynes, Chairperson, Adams County Board of Supervisors

     Rebecca Bissell, Adams County Auditor