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Board Minutes – January 11, 2021

The Adams County Board of Supervisors met on Monday, January 11, 2021 at 9:00 am with the following members present: Leland Shipley, Scott Akin, Doug Birt, Bobbi Maynes, and Merlin Dixon. The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Maynes. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Akin moved, seconded by Shipley to approve today’s agenda and the minutes from January 4, 2021. All supervisors voted aye. Motion carried.

Dixon moved, seconded by Shipley to approve Utility Permit #21-1 for Frontier Communications at Fig and 235th St. All supervisors voted aye. Motion carried.

Resolution #2021-4 Contract and Bond for Prescott 5 Bridge Project BROS-SWAP-C002(78)—FF02 was moved for approval by Birt, seconded by Akin and read as follows:



BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF ADAMS COUNTY, IOWA, that the contract and bonds executed by A.M. COHRON & SON, INC., of Atlantic, Iowa on the 11th day of January, 2021, for the construction of the “ADAMS COUNTY BRIDGE AND APPROACH REPLACEMENT” project number BROS-SWAP-C002(78)–FF-02 and such other work as may be incidental thereto, within the County of Adams County, Iowa, as described in the plans and specifications, and which have been signed by the Board of Adams County, be and the same are hereby approved.

All supervisors voted aye to adopt the above resolution.  Motion carried.  The full resolution is located in the Auditor’s Office.

            Malone presented the Secondary Roads budget for FY 21-22, gave an update of the current projects and updated them on upcoming projects.

            Discussion was held regarding Employee Covid-19 Leave. The board would like to see a draft policy that an employee who tests positive can receive 2/3 of regular pay from Jan 1, 2021 through March 30, 2021.  No action was taken.

            Birt moved, seconded by Akin to increase the county burial assistance to $1,250 for cremation only. All supervisors voted aye. Motion carried.

            Resolution #2021-3 Naming Official Depositories was moved by approval by Akin, seconded by Shipley and read as follows:


IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the Adams County Board of Supervisors that Adams County, Iowa approves the following list of financial institutions to be depositories of the Adams County funds in conformance with all applicable provisions of the Code of Iowa.

The Adams County Treasurer is hereby authorized to deposit the Adams County funds in the amounts not to exceed the maximum that is approved for each respective financial institution as set out below:

                                                                        MAXIMUM BALANCE         MAXIMUM BALANCE


TREYNOR STATE BANK       CORNING       $9,000,000                               $13,000,000


THE STATE BANK                 CORNING          $100,000                                   $100,000

OF BROOKS              

PCSB BANK                           CORNING          $500,000                                   $500,000

The above resolution is adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Adams County, Iowa with all supervisors voting aye.  Motion Carried.  The full resolution is located in the Auditor’s Office.

            Birt moved, seconded by Dixon to approve the Recorder’s Quarterly Report.  All supervisors voted aye. Motion carried.

            Birt moved, seconded by Shipley for approve the County General Relief Guidelines.  All supervisors voted aye. Motion carried.

            Birt moved, seconded by Dixon to approve the claims are presented.  All supervisors voted aye. Motion carried.

Solutions IncMaint            852.303
Chamber of CommServ            200.001
Adams Co AmbCont        4,166.661
Free PressLegal            512.263
Adamson,SarahPhone & Fax Serv              35.001
Ahlers & Cooney, P.C.Admin Costs        1,250.001
AirgasWelding Sup            222.681
AkinRepair        2,254.021
Arnold Supplyrepair            928.221
Axon Enterprise, INCSafety & Prot.Sup            276.001
Luanne BrownReimb              18.001
C&J Wreckersrepair            400.001
CHI hospitalServ              50.001
Cintassafety              64.261
Marnie ClineConserv Bd. Exp              50.001
Cont Fire SprinklerServ            617.501
Cornhusker Intnlrepair        1,623.221
Corning MunUtil            422.942
Corning Tirerepair              99.001
Corning TireSup              55.051
Darnold Towingrepair            695.001
Stella DeWittROW              27.501
Dixon,MerlinReimb            177.001
Dollar GeneralSup              43.252
Farmers Mutualphone            296.141
Fastenal Cosup            296.531
GallsSup            274.961
Carl GoodsonReimb            175.001
Hotsy Cleaningrepair              15.631
IA Dept Pub SafetyMaint Agree        2,058.001
IA DOTsupplies        4,602.401
IA Law AcademyEdu        1,613.501
IMWCAIns        5,461.002
InfomaxRental            101.501
InfomaxEquip            116.412
ISAAEdu            650.001
Lexipol LLCMaint Agree      10,238.001
Lincoln Ctr Truckrepair            100.001
Mail ServServ            137.331
Mann,CliffVet Affairs Comm.              30.001
Marion Co. Sher, IALegal & Ct-Rel Serv.              59.901
McCarty,Karlreimb              56.811
MediacomUtil        1,113.792
MOCICDues & Member            100.001
MidAmericanutilities              95.271
Midwest Servsup        9,961.201
Benjamin MullenReimb            139.892
Mullen, DavidVet Affairs Comm.            108.001
Newton Doorsrepair            738.321
Nichols Equipequip      28,424.661
O’Reilly Autorepair            154.981
Office Machsupplies              21.051
Omni SiteRadio Rep & Maint.            882.001
Pattison Sand Corock    111,375.001
Paul,TravisReimb              60.001
Al PeckhamReimb              24.001
Poor Boyz LLCSanit Disp            593.751
Power Planrepair            750.991
Prairie FabricationREPAIR              77.831
PrimroseFood & Prov        8,436.002
Ramsey’s MarketCust Sup              48.951
Red StarSup              44.701
Reiley,JimReimb            157.632
Rick’s AutoRepair            303.191
RJs PlumbingRepair            100.301
Roberts,MichelleSchool or mtg exp              25.001
Robinson ImpleREPAIR        1,039.021
Russell Farmsrow              57.501
Wayne RychnovskyReimb              24.001
Schafer Weldingrepair            522.221
Service TechsParts        1,941.101
SIRWAutilities              87.001
Stalker ChevRepair            214.521
Jamie StargellEmployee Mile & Subs.              24.701
TAW CompServ        1,392.007
Tractor SupplySUP            413.951
Treasurer, IAOther Svcs – taxes col        6,756.001
TS BankBank Charges              25.001
U.S. Bank EquipMaint Agree            189.451
VanguardMaint Agree        1,925.001
Verizon Connectradios            469.511
Verizon Wirelesscomputer              68.561
Vogel & Thom Hardsup            105.071
Wiechmansupplies        1,632.821
Williams,Tomreimb              30.001
Williams,ChadPhone & Fax Serv              60.001
Grand Total     222,036.89 

            Budget Requests were presented as follows: Southern IA Trolley, Spring Lake from City of Corning, Attorney, Corning Library, Villisca Library, Recorder, County Sanitarian, Board of Supervisors, Public Health, Central Services,  Board of Supervisors, Central Services, Emergency Services, DHS, Other Human Services, General Relief, Court Admin, Legal Services, Educational Services, Juvenile Probation, County Development, Environment Protection, Other Policy and Admin, Risk Management, Non Departmental.

Oral reports were presented by the board members as follows: Maynes – RC&D, Creston, Jan. 7; Birt – SICOG, Creston, Jan. 8.

The next board meeting will be held Tuesday Jan 19th at 9:00 am. Akin moved, seconded by Dixon to adjourn the meeting at 10:30 am.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

ATTEST: Bobbi Maynes, Chairperson, Adams County Board of Supervisors

               Rebecca Bissell, Adams County Auditor