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Board Minutes – February 22, 2022

The Adams County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 9:00 am with the following members present: Bobbi Maynes, Leland Shipley, Merlin Dixon, and Scott Akin. Doug Birt was absent. The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairperson Shipley and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Akin moved, seconded by Maynes to approve the agenda for the day and to approve the minutes of the February 14, 2022 meeting.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

During the Public Comments Mayor Jan Leonard discussed an option for can redemption since all of the local options have closed. She shared that the City has been talking with a company called Droppett. Droppett is a pilot container redemption program that is electronically ran and will potentially be placed at the recycling site on John Street.

Discussion on the 28E agreement between Adair and Adams County on using Adair County’s Engineer during the interim of finding a new Engineer was tabled.

Kaleb Bissell and Andy Olson with the Corning Municipal Utilities presented surveys regarding gas safety and educated the board regarding how to handle gas leaks. They also posed an idea of amending the zoning ordinance to include not being able to build within 300 ft of the natural gas line that follows Hwy 148 north of the City of Corning.

Maynes moved, seconded by Dixon to approve the Public Professional & Maintenance Employees, Local 2003 Contract. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Discussion on FY22-23 salaries and hourly wages was held. Auditor Bissell will prepare a resolution for next week’s potential approval.

            Department Head Reports: Auditor – Special Election currently underway, anyone who is running for office this year will be required to get at least 50 signatures. Bissell applied for the $1,000 ICAP safety grant and should be approved, proposed township budgets are arriving to be entered with the Department of Management. Secondary Roads – Received the tree shearer parts so it is back in service however still waiting on the mulcher parts, have to take 8 more loads of salt and have no room.  Conservation – Interviews for new park officer are underway and hope to have a new hire soon.  Sheriff – Received a grant from the state for certified continuing education.  IT – Tested our backups and fixed an issue with CAMAvision.

Discussion was held on the courthouse renovation public meeting and tours and will work to find a date when all of the parties are available. 

Committee and Meeting reports were presented as follows: Shipley – Main Street, Corning, Feb 21; Akin – ACEDC, Corning, Feb 17.

            Maynes moved, seconded by Akin to adjourn the meeting at 11:00 am.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.   

ATTEST: Leland Shipley, Vice Chairperson, Adams County Board of Supervisors

     Rebecca Bissell, Adams County Auditor