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Board Minutes – April 26, 2021

The Adams County Board of Supervisors met on Monday, April 26, 2021 at 9:00 am with the following members present: Bobbi Maynes, Leland Shipley, Doug Birt, and Scott Akin. Merlin Dixon was absent. The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Maynes. Akin moved, seconded by Shipley to approve today’s agenda and to approve the minutes from April 19, 2021.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Recorder Jamie Stargell is receiving a quote from Microfilm Imaging for scanning and preserving some Secondary Roads and Recorder books.

Birt moved, seconded by Shipley to approve Utility Permit #21-03 for Southwest Iowa REC. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Malone gave an update on Secondary Roads. The new belly dump trailer is here and it is in service hauling rock. The Hull Street project is ready to go out for bids in July. Malone is reviewing a quote to repair the railroad crossing on Birch in Nodaway.

Jayne Templeton with Miltner Insurance presented the renewal for Principal Insurance. There was a rate increase of 4% on Dental and 5% on Life. Akin moved, seconded by Birt to approve the renewal. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Shipley moved, seconded by Birt to approve the BPTC Applications as presented and to disallow one BPTC Application. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

            The board discussed the Temporary County Redistricting Commission. No action was taken.

Shipley moved, seconded by Akin to set the Public Hearing date for May 17, 2021 at 10:00 am for the FY 21 Budget Amendment. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Birt moved, seconded by Akin to approve the claims as followed. All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

Solutions Incsoftware support           101.201
Access LeasingMaint Agreements           323.282
ACEDCContrib.-Oth Gov.&Org     25,000.001
Adams Co TreasReimb        2,015.001
AgriVisionREPAIR              35.641
Alliant EnergyUtilities              94.481
AramarkUniform           574.461
Bolton & MenkOUTSIDE ENGINEER        3,428.001
Lisa BrownServ           267.001
Cass Co. SheriffLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.              28.001
CHI HealthMedical & Lab.Sup              44.001
CHI HealthSchool or mtg exp              65.001
Cintassafety              60.081
CintasSafety & Protect.Sup           574.601
CJ Cooper & AssocSafety           140.001
Contechrepair        4,602.001
Corning Munutilities           699.792
Corning MunUtil        2,606.843
Dasher ElecServ           295.001
Dollar GeneralSup              55.951
Don’s UniformsSup           695.641
Douglas Co. SheriffLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.           100.001
Echo Group Inc.Sup           169.291
Fastenal Cosup           385.291
FrontierPhone           506.892
Grn ValleyServ              44.501
Holiday InnSchool or mtg exp           610.401
HyVeeSup           487.012
IA DOTtraining           240.001
IA Law AcademyEdu           750.001
Ia Recorders AssocEdu        1,788.622
ISCTAReg           250.001
Iowa TrailerMach & Equip Pur     51,400.001
L&N DocksBoat Docks     43,992.001
Lundquist ACRepairs              75.001
Mail ServServ        1,615.961
Michael Todd &        1,640.251
MidAmericanutilities                7.361
Midwest Perform Patchsup        3,024.751
MTE Office CenterJail Supplies              51.091
Benjamin MullenReimb           197.001
Nishna ProductionsServ           301.781
Nutrien AgSup        1,007.291
Office MachSup           278.153
Page Co. SheriffLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.              37.001
Pearson FuneralServ        1,250.001
Petersen TireSup              20.001
Pott Co. SheriffLegal & Ct-Rel Serv.              70.001
Prairie Fabricationrepair           651.301
PrimroseFood & Prov        4,900.001
Purchase PowerEquip. New/Rental              80.741
RJs PlumbingRepair              80.001
Russell,KadyOther Labor rel servi           610.001
Shepherd RepairServ           534.701
SIRWAUtil           123.001
SW IA RECutili           678.481
SW IA RECUtil           106.001
SWCCReg              80.002
J L Houstonfuel tanks        1,739.461
U.S. BankComp Prog & Updat           701.441
U.S. BankData Processing Exp           646.061
U.S. BankFuel, Tires, & Lub           120.151
U.S. BankPostage & Mailing           110.001
U.S. BankSchool or mtg exp           812.691
U.S. BankSup           762.031
U.S. BankPhone & Fax Service           203.371
U.S.D.Arepair        1,800.501
UMB BankBank Charges           250.001
UMB BankGO Bond Redem   380,000.002
UMB BankInt-GO     33,752.502
Vavra, Billireimb           100.001
Verizon WirelessMaintenance Agree           360.811
Wiechman,PamOther Labor rel servi           300.001
Zieglerrepair           164.501
Grand Total    581,673.32 

Committee and Meeting reports were presented as follows: Birt – Heartland, April 29; Creston; Shipley – Main St. EV, April 21, Corning, and Loss Control, April 21, Corning; and Akin – ACEDC, April 15, Corning, and Southern Hills, April 23, Corning.

Akin moved, seconded by Birt to adjourn the meeting at 10:15 am.  All supervisors voted aye.  Motion carried.

ATTEST: Bobbi Maynes, Chairperson, Adams County Board of Supervisors

               Rebecca Bissell, Adams County Auditor