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The Adams County Auditor keeps and maintains county’s permanent financial records and works closely with all elected officials and department heads to ensure that their records are accurate and within the guidelines of the Code of Iowa.


The Adams County Auditor’s Office is a passport acceptance agency for the U.S. Department of State Federal Passport Agency. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Auditor’s Office can assist U.S. citizens, who meet the passport application requirements, with obtaining a U.S. Passport Book and/or Passport Card. For current information regarding passports please see link.

Public Records

Public information regarding budgets, taxes, expenditures, elections, and meetings of the Board of Supervisors is available at the Adams County Auditor’s Office and is open to public inspection during regular office hours.

Additional Auditor Roles

  • Schedules and posts Board of Supervisors’ agenda
  • Records and preserves Board Meeting Minutes and publishes all proceedings in county newspaper
  • Provides public access to Board minutes, plat & transfer books, and assessments.
  • Processes real estate transfers & owner names changes for tax statements
  • Distributes policies, ordinances, & other county publications
  • Performs and maintains accounting & payroll functions for all county departments
  • Prepares Adams County’s annual financial report
  • Prepares the annual county budget
  • Audits budgets for all other local jurisdictions — schools, cities, and townships
  • Calculates tax rates and property taxes
  • Registers voters and maintains all voter registration records
  • Issues absentee ballots
  • Prepares and supervises the printing of ballots
  • Trains election workers
  • Conducts elections
  • Issues Beer and Liquor licenses in Adams County
  • Sells Plat Books and maps