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I. Adams County Planning for Preservation Updated Document

 1.  Hold a public meeting to share findings from the final report of recently completed, Rural Reconnaissance Survey of Adams County as soon as it can be done safely from the


 2.  Develop a plan for the next steps based on consultant recommendation from the Rural

      Reconnaissance Survey of Adams County.

II. Promote awareness of historic preservation through activities throughout the year.

  1. Hold monthly meetings of the Commission.
  2. Continue quarterly updates to Adams County Board of Supervisors and with the city councils of Corning, Carbon, Prescott, and Nodaway.

a.  Hold public meetings in Carbon, Corning Prescott, and Nodaway or use social media

          as needed to determine from the communities any projects or goals the Commission

          can be of assistance.

     b.  Continue to assist the City of Corning with the restoration of the Widener Building,

          an anchor in the Corning Commercial Historic District. Offer aid to other buildings

          in the District.

.      3.  Host a Chamber Coffee and plan an event in May to celebrate Preservation Month.

       4.  Develop a first-person tour of the buildings in the Corning Commercial Historic District

            highlighting the history of the building and the families that built them.

.      5.  Continue to promote activities before and after each event in local and regional media as

            well as on our website and Facebook pages and with displays in the Lauvstad Center


      a.  Develop Historic Adams County Tidbits for KSOI

       6.  Restore the paintings depicting the history of Adams County on the base of the historical

            Marker at the Queen City Cemetery.

       7.  Restore Mauderly boy’s broken tombstone located in a farm field and investigate adding

            Fencing to protect the grave site.

       8.  Hold workshops for the Board of Supervisors, City Councils, Township clerks, and

            trustees. to share information on the methods and resources available for the restoration

            and maintenance of cemetery tombstones.

       9.  Investigate and develop a plan for a historical marker at the site of the Stagecoach and

            Underground Railroad Stop near Nodaway.

     10.  Meet with Southwest Valley Schools administration to develop preservation program of

            Classes and activities for K-3rd Grades following the Iowa Social Studies Standards.

            This was put on hold due to the Coronavirus, Covid 19 this past year.

     11.  Develop an education video showcasing the latest survey work of the CLG to create a

            stronger awareness, build interest, strengthen our communication and recruit volunteers

            for preservation in the Adams County Communities.